About Coach McArdle

The 2019 season marked the first year as Head Coach of the Seahawks. DMA went through the conference undefeated and won the 2019 Diamond State Athletic Conference championship. 

Prior to becoming Head Coach, McArdle worked as the Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach for 5 years. He has coached numerous athletes who went on to play college football with multiple earning scholarships, including: Juwan Murrow '15 (Lehigh), TJ Thomas '18 (Georgetown), Corahn Alleyne '19 (Delaware State), and Austin Edmonds '20 (Bryant). Prior to DMA, McArdle coached for 7 years at McKean High School as the Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach.

Before coaching in the high school ranks, McArdle coached at the University of Delaware from 2004-2006 under Kirk Ciarroca (current Offensive Coordinator, Penn State). While there, he coached Tight End, Ben Patrick, who earned All-American Honors in 2006 and went on to play for the Arizona Cardinals. 

Currently, Coach McArdle is a teacher for the Meadwood Program (since 2012) working with students with multiple disabilities.


Brian McArdle
Head Football Coach


Beginner Program

Our beginner camp will work on teaching the fundamentals of playing football such as throwing, catching, kicking, punting, blocking, running, and form tackling. The camp will also emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, and having fun. Players will be placed in small groups to practice these various techniques and skills.

Advanced Program

Our Advanced program focuses on proper techniques and fundamentals of football. Players will be placed in groups according to age and/or ability. The program will emphasize running, receiving, throwing, blocking, and Heads Up Form Tackling. It will also emphasize specific football agility and stretching drills to improve speed and quickness. Chalk talk sessions will feature discussions on the rules of the game, play design, teamwork, commitment, and leadership. Contest will take place that will highlight the skills learned.